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HR Proactive Inc. has been helping employers throughout Canada create and maintain respectful and safe workplaces since 1997. At HR Proactive Inc., we provide training in the format that best suits your company’s needs. Does your company have a Learning Management System (LMS)? Our Young Worker Health & Safety Awareness Training video can be purchased in an MP4 file format for uploading to your Learning Management System.

This course meets the employer’s responsibility to train Young Workers.

With our Young Worker Health & Safety Awareness Training video MP4 file, you also receive:

  • Reproducible Participant Guide (Word Format)
  • Quiz and Quiz Key
  • Reproducible Certificate of Completion
  • Scheduling Sheet to Track Learner Progress

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the health and safety role that you play in the workplace;
  • Examine general requirements of Occupational Health and Safety Legislation and related information including workplace health & safety policies and procedures, safety data sheets (SDSs), Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) and the company’s Health and Safety Representative;
  • Recognize potential health and safety hazards you may encounter in the workplace;
  • Identify ways to create and promote a healthy and safe workplace.

Ask Us About Our Canada-Wide Young Worker Health & Safety program to meet the jurisdictional needs of every province and territory.

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